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Wrestlemania: Storylines and Predictions

by Sumeet Khosa Daily has taken charge of Wreslemania week and inspecting this weekend’s event. As the action culminating from the events following Wrestlemania XXX have come full circle, this year’s event i...

The Enigma That is Brock Lesnar

by Sumeet Khosa After another episode between “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar and back stage power brokers, the WWE maybe facing a change for the biggest card of the year. We don’t know if Lesnar will breach his contr...

SD Padres make boldest off-season moves

The San Diego Padres haven’t finished a season above .500 since 2010, but that’s all going to change for the 2015 MLB season. The Padres have made a flurry of offseason additions—highlighted by the acquisitions of big ba...