Russell Westbrook chasing history: Triple double tracker

okcCan Russell Westbrook average a triple-double for a full season? In 1961-62, Oscar Robertson became the only player in NBA history to achieve the feat when he posted 41 of his record 181 triple-doubles. Westbrook has a chance to match the Big O’s signature accomplishment. We’re tracking the Oklahoma City Thunder guard’s triple-double pursuit all season long.

What are the odds?

ESPN NBA Insider Kevin Pelton’s projection system calculates Westbrook’s chances. As the triple-doubles pile up, Westbrook’s chances will be updated here:

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How many will Russ get?

Westbrook needs 41 triple-doubles this season to match Robertson’s total for 1961-62. He has 13 triple-doubles through 29 games — with 53 games remaining — this season. Pelton’s projection shows Russ has a chance:

Westbrook’s triple-doubles a winning play?

So far, so good. When Westbrook posts a triple-double, the Thunder tend to win. Check out the win percentages, which show OKC benefits from Russ being Russ:

Charting Russ and Oscar

We’re putting Westbrook’s up-to-date numbers at this point of the 2016-17 season up against Robertson’s numbers at the same point of the 1961-62 season:


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